The biggest problem with climate change, is that people think they can’t change it.

But in the digital age, we know that when people come together around a common goal, they can achieve uncommon results.

For the first time, you can use the power of blockchain technology to offset the carbon footprint of any product or service, no matter how big or small. This is where digital meets physical, to fundamentally change the cycle of carbon on earth. This is power to the people, and a tool to help you change the world.

This new tool is called the Carbon Utility Token (CUT). We capture, reduce and stop CO2 from entering our atmosphere using a combination of renewable and carbon capture technologies.

Carbon capture

Now you can use CUT to offset your own carbon footprint. Whether it’s your lunchtime coffee or a flight to Australia, the exact amount of CO2 that you wish to retire can be done so transparently and connected immutably to a verified carbon offset.

Carbon molecules

Naturally, smart contracts run our entire process. From creation to retirement, every token is tracked and verified. This ensures that your contribution has been authentic, and has made a direct impact towards climate change.

Carbon molecules

This project aims to give climate action a real value. CUT creates real tangible impact on the planet. It has a value that can be measured in terms of its precise scientific benefits, and can be tracked per gram back to the place of origin for any specific carbon offset.

This is where climate impact comes full circle.
Not promises, not aspirations, just action.
If you choose to retire the Carbon Utility Token, then you are closing the cycle of impact.
Maybe towards meeting a carbon neutral goal, or maybe just an investment in a cleaner future.


Our smart contract acts as a ledger for the utility of storing, distributing, tracking and retiring carbon offsets. They are ERC20 compatible, using open source Ethereum protocols.


The offsets are independently tracked, verified by third party experts applying current internationally accepted verification protocols, and use the transparency of the blockchain ledger to ensure against double counting or repeat sales of these certified unique carbon offsets.

End to end

The blockchain provides full transparency of the offsets from source to consumption as the offset is utilized and subsequently retired.

Utility, defined

Upon minting new Carbon Utility Tokens, the CUT Smart Contract also mints OFFSETS which aggregates in the project pool. Upon using your CUT to retire an OFFSET, your token is paired with the exact project you are retiring carbon from.