About us

Small positive actions make real world change. That’s why our ambitious blockchain project lets you clearly track and reduce your carbon calories, one step at a time.

Launch Supply: 500 Thousand Tonnes of Offsets, or 500 Million CUT

Main Sale: 400 M

Strategic Reserve: 75M

Team & Advisors: 25M

Proceeds of the CUT Sale contribute to CO2E Projects, Tech Advancement and Marketing CUT.


icon phase 1

Phase 1
Q1–Q3 2020

Whitepaper written on the Vision and mechanics of CUT. Establishment of entities and structures to deliver CUT. Source initial 45,822 tonnes of Carbon Offsets for private sale.

icon phase 2

Phase 2
Q4 2020

Launch and distribution of first Private Sale Tokens. Minting of 500,000 Tonnes of Offsets sourced for CUT. Development in application for retiring Carbon Offsets.

icon phase 3

Phase 3
Q1 2021

Release of additional tools for interactive tracking and monitoring. Development in application version 2.0 for custom user retiring.

icon phase 4

Phase 4
Q2 2021

Adding more Carbon Offset Projects to meet future community growth needs. Development in application version 4.0 adding footprint calculations of products.



We strive to be the best, for our customers and the planet we live on.


Just like our customers, we want to live in abetter world.

Real impact

Blockchain represents a complete paradigm shift in how people create real impact through digital means.


We never make people feel bad. We strive to communicate the real value of cutting carbon, in a positive way.


Clear communication is essential to build an understanding of carbon and how to tackle it in daily life.

Our Team

Matthew Pickup

Matthew Pickup

Matthew is an experienced founder in technology and renewables, and was recently part of developing a clean energy data network. Other experiences include founding a startup in finance working with over 100 impact businesses in fundraising and growth. Matthew holds a commerce degree from Dalhousie University.

Ethan Gilmore

Ethan Gilmore

Ethan started his career in 2003 in the alternative investment space and has worked across the hedge fund, private equity, investment banking, renewable energy and media and technology sectors. He is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles.

Paul Thomson

Paul Thomson

Paul specializes in fundraising, compliance, and strategy, and was most recently the Chief Compliance Officer at a registered Exempt Market Dealer in Canada. He serves as Corporate Secretary of a TSXV listed resource company, and serves on the Board of Governors at the University of Kings College.

Paul Mears

Paul Mears

Paul is an experienced businessman, serial entrepreneur, and financial professional, and has held senior operational and finance roles in a range of publicly and privately-owned companies located in London, New York, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Monaco. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

David McLennan

David McLennan

David has more than 20 years of experience in the landfill gas to energy industry in North America and abroad. David was a pioneer in the field of creating, verifying, and marketing emission reduction credits, and conducted one of the first transactions of this kind globally with Ontario Power Generation.

Evan Jones

Evan is a Professional Engineer with expertise as a Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifier, and expert knowledge in building energy benchmarking data analysis, energy analysis and simulation modeling, savings measurement and verification, as well as energy software system design and implementation.

Megan McCarthy

Megan is the CEO of ROCarbon Labs, developing energy intelligence software for efficient buildings. Megan serves as a board member for the Sustainable Growth Society, and was previously Regional Director of Eastern Canada for the Blockchain Education Network, and founded the Dalhousie Cryptocurrency Club.