Even small
things have
big impact.

Almost every aspect of our daily lives produces CO2. Even something as small as a cup of coffee.

The carbon footprint of a single coffee may only produce grams of CO2, but with over 2 billion cups guzzled every day that’s hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2 produced daily.

So ... how much carbon is in a regular coffee?


Coffee beans take a long journey from the hot climates in which they are grown to your cup. They pass through the hands of pickers, and travel across oceans and continents on cargo ships and trucks before they finally reach us. This all requires lots of fuel.


Huge amounts of raw materials go into making our coffee cups and packaging. These materials are produced, and even made directly with fossil fuels. A staggering 6.5 million trees are cut down per year to produce just the paper parts of the cup and up to 4 billion gallons of water are wasted.


Roasting beans, boiling water, powering other machines for heating and preparing your coffee need a lot of energy. Enough to power 54,000 homes a year.

Offset one of your daily products and participate in environmental impact in a simple way!